3 Reasons My Wife is a Beast

Today it hit me. My wife Christine Mwenya is a beast! Okay it hits me all the time. Like everyday! I am blessed with an incredible wife who is literally my Superwoman!

I didn’t always feel this way. In fact, when we got married, I couldn’t stand her! Yes I said it. It’s something we laugh about now. But we actually broke up 6 months before our planned wedding. It was a terrible break up. One of those “I hate you, stay out of my life, wish I never met you break ups.”

After a few months and more than a few conversations we thought about the prospect of having to get to know new individuals and invest in another relationship and we decided, we were over that—we would simply just get married and figure life out together. Yup. No stars, fireworks, or symphony orchestra.

But it was the best decision of my—and hopefully her—life!

I can fill a book about all the things that make my wife great, but today I will share only three. These three may seem “meh” to you, but to me they are things that contribute to the awesomess of Christine.

  1. She puts up with all of me. Happy me. Grouchy me. Determined me. Dogmatic me. Loving me. And Jerkface me. Christine has been one of the most graceful individuals I’ve come across in life, well, except for the time she kicked me…she’ll get me for that statement…but its true she kicked me! She lets me dream, hustle, make mistakes, and fight for what I believe. She is my biggest supporter, encourager and champions even my most outrageous dreams. I see a lot of spouses put down each other. She’s never put me down privately or publically!
  1. She loves Jesus more than she love me. Sometimes that makes me mad, because that means I can’t just get away with stuff. I know once she says I will pray for you, she’s going to pray and he will answer! If you know my wife or have ever heard her pray, you know she’s got a remarkable connection to God. I admit she’s human and makes mistakes but I’ve been married to this woman for almost 12 years and I will tell you her faith is probably bigger than mine and I’m the preacher!
  1. She can throw down in the kitchen! Yes this is one of my three. I love to eat and I am not ashamed to admit it. She knows that and she has honed her culinary skills to constantly stimulate my taste palate with world cuisine that rivals even my favorite restaurant! For example, tonight she created an east-indian and thai fused meal that has my stomach feeling like I swallowed a miniature bowling ball because I couldn’t stop stuffing my face! Yes it was that good!

Like I said, I could write a book about the last 12 years of how I’ve come to realize my wife’s beastliness but tonight I share only three.

How about you? How do you feel about your spouse? If you love and appreciate them, I dare you to share three reasons of why you love your spouse in the comment section of my facebook post and tag your spouse!