Finish Strong

You have 3 more days to make 2014 count! “Hustle hard” as I’ve heard it said. Dig in for these last few hours, yes hours, of the year. Why? Because you still have time.


Some time back I heard an interesting statistic. It said that most car accidents happen when a person is 15 to 20 minutes from their destination?

The reason is because people tend to doze off while driving or pay less attention. This can be due to the familiarity of the route or just sheer exhaustion.

Don’t let this happen to you!

December 31st is right around the corner. “The year of the underdog” is almost over, so make these last few hours count by staying alert. Think about it, there are a few things you can tighten up before the close of the year.

Do you have anything that you’ve been putting off?

  • Showing an extra level of gratitude to someone who’s really contributed to your success these last few months?
  • Writing your goals for 2015?
  • Clearing out your workspace?
  • Reading one or two more books or finishing the one that you never got around to finishing over the past few months?!
  • Creating a plan to get physically, spiritually and emotionally healthy in 2015?
  • Counting your blessings?

There are many things we can do to wrap up this year well. What are you going to do to with these last few hours?

It’s easy to taper off. We’re tired. We’ve worked hard. We’ve had late nights, early mornings and have hustled more than the average working professional.

We’ve pursued our goals with reckless abandon. We’ve launched businesses, organizations, or have worked hard to create a viable platform for our hustle. We’ve believed in “a big God who is willing to use little us to accomplish big things for his glory!”

Now let’s finish strong! Go underdog!

Question: What are some last minute things you want to accomplish in the closing hours of this year? Leave your response in a comment below.