Two Reasons I’ve Been A.W.O.L.

I feel like I owe you, the reader of, an apology. The reason is, I kind of left you hanging, but I’ve got two great reasons that I am sure you will understand.


Earlier this year we started 2014 off with a bang! I was blogging around three times a week. I was posting to my social media platforms consistently. The unrelenting optimists out there were emailing me or hitting me up on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and occasionally (but rarely) on my site about how they appreciated my content.

I was humbled. I felt the love.

Then about 4 months ago the posts started to decline. Then two months ago they just came to a screeching hault. I mean, I kind of disappeared. If you followed my social media profiles, you noticed that I wasn’t posting much anymore.

Every now and then I would put up a quote or maybe something about my kid or the food I was eating. But overall it was a bit quiet from my end.

Here’s why. I was, as some say, “in the lab”.

Since the beginning we’ve been talking a lot on this site about having goals and working towards them with reckless abandon. We’ve talked about  silencing the inner gremlin and the problem with having a small vision. We talked about making 2014 “the year of the underdog.”

So instead of only talking about it, I’ve been pursuing it.

I’m not one of those self-help, motivational guys, who’s made it—no offense to them.

I am right where you are. I am in the trenches. Consider me a fellow traveler on the journey to freedom. Freedom from being my own lid. Freedom from allowing past failures to dictate my future.

Here are the two reasons why I went A.W.O.L. Maybe you should consider doing that as well.

  • I had to shut out the noise. We are bombarded by distractions everyday. Anything, even the good things, like social media and blogging can become a distraction if they don’t directly contribute to your end goal.
  • It was about results management. Some people will say to the statement above that it’s all about how you manage your time. I agree. But its all about results. Work smarter not harder. By God’s grace (thats the first requisite) and a little focus I was able to get my first win. See the pictures here.

Sometimes you just have to pull back, hit pause, or “go dark” (been watching NCIS with my wife). Results take focus. The question to ask yourself is how focused have you been?

You’ve got two and a half months to make 2014 the year of the underdog! Just do it!