Feel Free to Be Yourself

I live by this statement “Why reinvent the wheel”. Another statement closely linked to it says “there’s nothing new under the sun.” However, we can get ourselves in a bit of trouble if we lean too heavily on these statements. Let me tell you why.


I am a slow reader. I’ve always been. This was such a draw back in grade school that it lead me to avoid reading!

It wasn’t until my adult years when I developed a love for reading. I still read slow but the knowledge, enjoyment and frankly the therapy that I get from the books I read is enough to keep me pushing through a 300 page book.

For some of you 300 pages is just a walk in the park. That’s the thing.

I’ve been reading articles or listening to podcast where leaders are sharing how they read 2-3 books a week! Immediately I begin to get down on myself about how I’m not doing the same thing.

But do I have to? The answer is no!

Unless I have to read those books for class, reading 2-3 books is not “industry standard”.

In fact, I was listening to a podcast with John Piper where he shared the same thing. In the interview Piper, who’s written over 50 books, shared how slow of a reader he is so he focuses more on comprehending what he’s reading, rather than the amount of books he’s reading.

This goes beyond books. The temptation is to see what others are doing and want to copy them. “Maybe if I can do it like then I will achieve the same success”, we tell ourselves.

The truth is this:

  • You are at your best when you are being you
  • Developing your own rhythm will allow you to tap into you innate gifts and strength
  • It’s stressful trying to be something or someone you’re not

There are a lot of successful people out there whom we can learn a lot from. However we have to reject pressure the to become a carbon copy. Eventually we and everyone else around us will realize that we are not who we say we are.

As Jon Acuff would probably say, we are all in different seasons and our hustle is going to look different. Let’s learn to hustle according to the season we are in and enjoy the ride.

Stay focused, find a rhythm that works for you and make 2014 the year of the underdog!

Question: How do you stay authentically you? Share your thoughts with a comment below.