The Goal is Ahead Not Behind

Guest post by Christine Mwenya: Follow Christine here

You can find a life lesson in almost everything. When Muta wrote about the lesson from the Disney story, I joked with him that in everything there’s a lesson to be learned, a sermon to be preached, a testimony to be giving. Funny I said that because this time it was my turn to find a lesson in an everyday interaction.

Image Credit: Spar Women's Race

Image Credit: Spar Women’s Race

While we were taking a walk with our two boys, Elijah our 3 year old, couldn’t stop looking behind him as he rode his tricycle. I found myself repeating over and over, “look in front of you baby”, “watch where you’re going”, “keep your head forward.” Finally I said, “where you’ve been is not as important as where you’re going.” I turned to Muta and said, “well that can preach, you should write a blog on that.”

Muta immediately said, “no, YOU should.” I should’ve seen that coming.

Automatically, I looked at my past and thought how horrible my writing skills were. I hated English class in school. But I can’t the past hold me back from what I can accomplish in the present and future.

Many times in life we are so busy looking/dwelling on our past that we are not seeing what lies ahead. In the Bible, Isaiah writes what God says:

“Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing…(Isaiah 43:18)

If God is doing a new thing in and around you, you are not going to see it by constantly looking in your past. It’s right in front of you; your future lies ahead.

I love the words in the Bible written by Paul, I paraphrase:

“Whoever may be reading this, I do not in any way think I’ve made it this far in life on my own. But there’s one thing I have to do: forget my past failures, mistakes, guilts and pessimistic attitude and strive for a better future by following God’s will for the life He has laid before me; I press towards and keep my eye on the ultimate goal.”

You can read Paul’s words here Philippians 3:13-14.

The old has passed away…the new has come (2 Corinthians 5:17 ). Let’s not focus on where we‘ve been. Let’s keep our eyes on where we’re going.

We are almost half way through 2014. If the year started off slow, don’t worry about it. Like Muta would say, we are unrelenting optimists. Let’s keep focused on the victories head.

Question: What are you looking ahead towards? Leave your answer by leaving a comment below.