The Intersection of Faith & Unrelenting Optimism

My faith has been my greatest strength in being an unrelenting optimist. So I’ve written a short devotional to help encourage others to find hope in the foundation of my faith, the Gospel.


I can honestly say if it wasn’t for my faith, I would have given up so many years ago.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in life. Frankly I still do, hopefully less frequent. On top of that, like many underdogs, I face crushing, self defeating thoughts. These things could have swallowed me whole. Fortunately my faith has kept me persevering. I personally have realized that as a result of the good news of God’s grace, shone on me undeservingly, I don’t have to settle for less. Through Jesus, I can live life on purpose.

That’s one of the reasons I’ve written VII (Seven).

VII is a seven-day devotional written with the purpose to recenter the reader on the the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m offering it here because of the implications of the Gospel has on underdogs and unrelenting optimists.

Tullian Tchividjian writes this:

When we understand that everything between God and us has been fully and finally made right [through Jesus]…we necessarily turn away from ourselves and turn toward our neighbors.

In pursuit of our goals or bettering our lives, there is the risk of becoming self-absorbed. I’ve come to learn that living a life of purpose, pursuing career goals or achieving success is meaningless unless the calling comes from outside of us and the effect is beyond us.

Jesus paid the price that I might live and live abundantly (John 10:10). So I aim to live with that in mind. I want to live life to the full in honor of Jesus, because of Jesus and for the sake others.

I hope you are propelled in the same way. Make sure you grab VII absolutely FREE here.

Question: How has your faith impacted your life and especially your work? Leave your thoughts with a comment below.