Why I Love Google

I love Google. This has been my sentiment for the past few years. In an economy of small business, entrepreneurship, and collaboration, Google should be on your top 5 list for resourcing your goal. In this post I tell you why.


I used to hate on Google.

When I first started using Google products in the mid 2000’s, I was one of the individuals who was late to the party. It was because I was stuck on Yahoo and Microsoft. Both of these companies offered great products in terms of email, search and word processing. That was until I found Google.

At first, Google seemed plain and not sexy. When I went to Google search, it didn’t have the fancy widgets found on Yahoo at the time. Even their email platform seemed generic unlike Yahoo, which resembled Microsoft Outlook, the platform I was using at work.

This is actually Google’s strength.

The company takes a simple approach to design and focuses on creating powerful products that are straightforward. The best part is whether you are using Apple products or Windows, you can still use Google.

In this post, I want to show you why I love Google products. If you’re not using Google, I would encourage you to try the products mentioned below. You will streamline your workflow, and you will accomplish more.

I use Google for my personal and business email.

  • If you are building a platform or a business and don’t have a personal domain (i.e. email@yourname.com) then the best provider to use is Gmail, Google’s email service. It’s a well respected provider and with the growing storage space and the seamless integration with Google’s other products, it’s unlikely for you to find a better offer.
  • Google Apps for Business is another great service that Google launched a few years back. Through this platform, I am able to host my business email. I get to use the familiar Gmail platform and access great collaboration tools like Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, and Google Drive with my team. This was once a free service but now there is a nominal fee attached. If you want to launch a small business, this is the best way to go.

I use Google for document processing.

  • Google offers Drive. Drive is a cloud based product that allows you access your files on your computer or mobile device and across Mac or Windows platforms. Your files are also shareable. This is great collaboration tool which allows you and others to work simultaneously on documents in real time. Another benefit is if you are accustomed to Microsoft Office products, Drive will seem very familiar. You can even save and export the documents using Microsoft Office extensions (i.e. .doc or .docx).

I use Google for video conferencing.

  • With the launch of Google Hangout, you are able to video conference privately or with multiple participants for free. Again, this is a great collaboration tool. Another great feature is that you can record the videos and replay them at a later time. I’ve not used this product much but I will be in the coming weeks and months.

As I said earlier, Google has created powerful products and made them simple. They are perfect for personal use and even better for those looking for collaboration tools. Obviously, Google offers so much more products, but these are the ones that I used daily.

Question: Do you use Google? Leave a comment sharing your favorite Google product and why you love it?