Change or Let Your Dreams Go

I read an article by Matt Wise on Fast Company titled ‘Why You Should Put Yourself Out of Business if You Want To Save Your Company‘. The article talked about the fast changing landscape of business. The writer shared that if businesses are not willing to change, and in some cases lose their brand equity, someone else will put them out of business.


This is not only true for businesses but for individuals as well.

If you want to successfully meet your goals in life and stay ahead of the curve, there is one major reality you have to embrace, change is inevitable. Change of career, change of habits, change of location and even change of environment.

In the same article, Wise gives 3 steps to helping you embrace change; change that will lead you to achieving the results you need and want. You must Observe, Listen, and Implement.

  1. Observe. What is your current situation? Where are you trying to grow or go? Where have you become stagnant? What things make you tick? If you could achieve anything, what would it be? We have to begin with these questions to help us determine what needs to change and what needs to be refined.

  2. Listen. Where is there movement? What are others in your field or around you doing? What are they getting excited about? What new technologies are being developed that you could learn? What new books are being released; trainings being offered; or conferences being held? When you keep your “ear to the streets” you can stay ahead of the curve and jump on opportunities.

  3. Implement. Here is the hard part; step one and two are fairly easy. Implementation is what separates the failures from the winners. Being slow to implement can be caused by fear, lack of resources or laziness or a combination of all three. However, you can find three ways to help you break through the implementation process here.

Peter F. Drucker says:

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.”

I think he is absolutely correct. So I have reinterpreted this for individuals:

Embracing change is tough.

It’s easier to find something that you’re good at and stay there. Unfortunately, the world is not stagnant but is ever-changing. You should be too.

Understand where you are and where you want to go. Keep your ear to the streets to stay abreast on new learning opportunities. Then implement the changes you need to make to so you can either jump on new opportunities or create new opportunities.

Question: What changes have you made recently that have positioned you for success? Leave your comment below.