Hope After Personal or Professional Mistakes

I’ve dedicated this blog to people like me. People who are tired of average. People who have made their fair share of mistakes both personally and professionally. People who are not going to allow their past to limit their future.


That’s why today’s post is so important.

As I write this, many of us are getting ready to celebrate Easter, the victorious resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

As we reflect on Jesus’ final hours, before he was murdered on the cross for our sake, I can’t help but think about the gravity of this moment in time. Up until this point, Jesus had spent 3 years teaching all that would hear Him and also those who refused to believe Him.

Jesus’ teachings where heard by many people. Individuals young and old; rich and poor; those visible in society and those marginalized.

Here is the most fascinating thing about Jesus’ teaching:

Jesus didn’t care about who you were or weren’t; where you came from or didn’t come from. He especially didn’t worry about what you had done or not done. His message of hope and redemption was preached to all. All who would accept Him as the Son of God and as their personal Savior would be given the hope of eternal life.

He didn’t wait until they cleaned themselves up. He met them where they were and turned what was a broken state of humanity—whether through wrongdoing or misfortune—into a beautiful and hopeful state.

That’s why Easter is so important to us Christians.

We realize that our life outside of Jesus is dirty, wretched and fit for disposal like the leaves I was raking when I took the picture above. But Jesus through His life, death and resurrection took what was a mess and is birthing in all of us, something beautiful.

We are almost half way through 2014.

Maybe, the year has started off slow. All the great decisions you thought you would make have not panned out. Or maybe you’ve been a bit slow to hit your stride. Here’s the thing, He can turn that around as well.

If Jesus could make a way for this little plant to begin to grow in mess as seen above, what more a human created after His own image (Genesis 1:27). Let Him overcome your dirt (personal and/or professional) and give you life today.