3 Steps for Post-Conference Success

Conference season is getting underway. In the next 7 months there will be a number of awesome conferences that you should attend. As you gear up, you will need a plan to make sure you get the most out of your conference experience. The following are my suggestions for post-conference success.


Sometime back I had the opportunity to attend Willow Creek‘s Global Leadership Summit. What an amazing experience!

As my buddy and I sat through each session, we were blown away at the wealth of information being deposited. On the final day, we walked out, notes in hand, with our heads spinning!

How were we going to digest all of this information and effectively utilize the knowledge received?

The thing is, many of us leave such conferences on a euphoric high only to land, flat on our face, with no hope of achieving anything we learned. Why?

I believe it’s one of two (or more) reasons.

First, I think we get “information overload”. This is where your brain reaches capacity and starts a “mass dump”. Second, I think we try what we learn with good intentions but fall off because of inconsistency.

Here are a few practical steps on getting the most from your next conference.

  1. Take Your Own Notes: Sometimes an outline is given, or diagrams are handed out. I’ve found it best to capture only the information that speaks directly to me.
  2. Reread, Organize, Internalize: In between sessions, when I am winding down in my hotel room, or after the conference, I take the time to reread my notes. I also take the time to organize them in an easy to follow format. After this, I reread my notes frequently to keep them fresh for one or two weeks after the conference.
  3. Choose The Top 3: At most conferences, information tends to bleed. For this reason, I pick the top 2 or 3 points that complement each other and put these into practice. By doing this, I kill 3 birds with one stone. It makes it easier to remain consistent because each new practice is not fighting for mental energy.

If you follow these steps I believe your post-conference experience will be much more productive as you grow into a better, smarter and more consistent unrelenting optimist.

Here’s a great quote from one of my last conferences:

“The signature of mediocrity is not the unwillingness to change but rather, chronic inconsistency.” – Jim Collins

Question:What’s your process? Share your thoughts in a comment below.