The Genius of Nike

Just do it. We’ve all heard the iconic brand slogan from Nike. It’s the internal mantra of every athlete, whether she is a fan of the brand or not. It should also be the internal mantra of every underdog.


Last month was one of the most intense months for me in a while. It seemed like every project or deadline fell during that time.

How’d I get it all accomplished? By the grace of God, I just did it.

She doesn’t know this yet but my sister has served as my motivation for a number of years. She made this concept come alive to me a few years back. Her husband worked 12 hour days in a different state; she also worked a few hours a week, with three kids and still managed to get through nursing school.

I remember asking her how she was able to get it all accomplished without losing her mind. Her answer was simple but profound and it stuck with me.

She told me that she didn’t spend too much time thinking about it. She said that thinking about all she needed to do would’ve left her overwhelmed. Instead of worrying about it, she knew what needed to be done. So she just did it.

This is why I think Nike hit the nail on the head. Often times we spend too much time thinking of what we need to get done rather than just doing it.

It’s time to just do it.

When the work piles up in front of you and you know what needs to be done, just do it.

When the deadline is looming, just do it.

When the goal seems unachievable, just do it.

When your inner gremlin say no, just do it.

Here’s the bottom line: JUST DO IT!

You’ve quit before, not this time. You’ve failed before, but that’s behind you.

This time underdog, this time because you are an unrelenting optimist, this time commit to just do it!

There’s plenty of time left to make 2014 the year of the underdog! JUST DO IT!

Question: What do you need to “just do?” Tell us by leaving a comment below.