2 Reasons To Stay Focused

It’s been said that in order to know how faithful one would be with more, take a look at how faithful he is with what he has. Here’s the question: How faithful are you with what you have?


Many of us have opportunities we want to pursue. That’s a good thing. But in our pursuit for more, are we still remaining faithful with our current situation?

Have you been there? Your job is okay until you have a new offer. Or you’re satisfied with a current situation until you see a new opportunity.

What starts happening?

  1. You become cynical: Statements like these surface: “They’ve never really appreciated me.”; “Everyone here is out for themselves anyway.”
  2. You start noticing every irksome thing: The way a certain person talks begins to annoy you; The environment is no longer up to your standards.
  3. You stop giving 100%: You do just enough to get the job done or better yet, you do enough to stay under the radar or, everything you start doing becomes self-serving.

Admittedly, I’ve been there.

However, lets not be so quick to dismiss our current situation. There maybe still much to learn.

  1. We may learn what it truly means to be patient and faithful in the midst of transition
  2. We may learn that it may not be our position thats the issue. The issue may be in our disposition brought on by the desire for change.

Whatever the case may be, stay focused and give 100% right where you are. That’s the unrelenting optimist way.

Question: What other lessons have you learned during transition? Leave your answer by leaving a comment below.