9 Principles to Build Healthy Relationships

In pursuit of our goals, we can’t lose sight of what matters most. I’ve realized that outside my faith, there is nothing more important that contributes to my success than healthy relationships.


My wife Christine and I, have just celebrated 9 years of marriage. In this post, we team up to give you 9 principles to build healthy relationships with everyone from your significant other to your friend or colleague.

Here’s the list:

  1. Patience – We all have traits that are not great. You included. A healthy relationship will be predicated on your ability to be patient and work through each other’s faults. – Muta
  2. Communication – How can you have a relationship without communication? In this world of technology, there are many ways to stay in touch. However, make sure that face to face communication is primary. – Christine
  3. Trust – Trust is something that can be broken in a second and take years to rebuild. That doesn’t mean to be naive; be careful who you trust. Trust takes time but trust that it will eventually grow. – Christine
  4. Sacrifice/Compromise – We’re all different in some way, shape or form. Learning to work things out together, for mutual benefit, is very important. You may have to give a little or take a little; make sacrifices for the sake of the relationship. – Christine
  5. Honesty – “Honesty is the best policy,” I bet you’ve heard that before. It’s true. Don’t be afraid to be honest, just be careful how you share your honesty. Be honest, but not hurtful. – Christine
  6. Forgiveness – Lack of forgiveness is so detrimental to any relationship. Everyone will screw up at some point.  Learn to forgive fast and forget even faster. – Muta
  7. Time/Fun – Time together helps build any relationship because you get to learn about the other person. Hopefully you begin to understand and learn to respect each other. Make sure you’re enjoying yourself…time together should never be boring. – Christine
  8. Intimacy/Vulnerability – There is no other time when vulnerability is magnified than during intimacy. There is no other time when intimacy is deeper than when there’s healthy vulnerability.  – Muta
  9. God/Faith – Knowing you are accountable to a higher power in regards to the way you handle your relationships is good. But even more, knowing that God can build and strengthen as well as unify and restore relationships, will free you to be an unrelenting optimist—living out all mentioned above without reservation. – Muta

This is what has worked for us and in our relationships with others. What would you add to the list?

Question: Like to add something? Leave a comment below with what you would add to the list.