Why I Quit My Job And Pursued Freedom

On my about page, I say this about my blog: This blog is dedicated to the dropouts, failures and unrelenting optimists who know there is a big God who can use little us to accomplish big things for His glory. That’s me and you.


This is not just self help, feel good stuff.

This is what I live every single day. I am facing daily challenges and working to get things done, just like you.

I am committed to live life with purpose. I live to pursue my calling with reckless abandon. In this post, I wanted to show you that I don’t just talk about it.

Unrelenting optimists pay attention to the signs.

Four months ago I resigned from a great job. I served as a youth pastor to amazing students in an amazing church that both my wife and I were heavily active in. We thought we would be with the church for potentially our entire ministry career.

However, five months before my resignation a shift began to happen inside and around me. I remember sitting with the my lead pastor at our yearly staff retreat sharing how I didn’t know if I would be there much longer. The shift could be as soon 30 days I told him.

All around me were signs that I needed to get ready for a shift but internally there was a fear of the unknown. Plus, things were great and there was really no reason to leave. I was comfortable.

(See James 4:17)

Unrelenting optimists take big risks and pursue calling.

When I knew it was time, I tendered my resignation with no fall back plan. Even though I second guessed myself, I fought through the self doubt and gremlin in my head. I knew it was the right decision.

Friends called me stupid and said I was making a huge mistake. I even lost a couple of great friends in the process. I’ve learned whenever there is a major change in your life prepare to lose some people.

After a time of praying and fasting, the next chapter was revealed. The truth is, I never would have seen what was next for me and my family while I was working. Frankly, if I had known what was next, I probably would have never resigned!

What’s next for this unrelenting optimist?

blog-imageI will continue to blog here and pour into 33Seven, an awesome equipping ministry I cofounded with my good friend Michael Cousins. Along with that, a couple friends and I are planting a new church called Freedom.

So what will your journey to freedom look like?

You may not be called to start a new church but you are called to something. Keep God first, pay attention to the signs, take risks, and pursue your calling. Even if it scares the mess out of you!


Question: What are you supposed to do that you are avoiding? Share your response with a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Why I Quit My Job And Pursued Freedom

  1. DeLeon629

    In all honesty, i must say that there’s a part of me that anticipates reading your posts from beginning to end…With the crowning act not being the conclusion(s) you’ve drawn, but the lacking feedback in the comment section.
    I’m very proud to have stumbled across this blog (via LinkedIn). Its a blessing to know that the next time I’m ever in the Michiana area (still there?), i just might get opportunity to shake your hand & tell you how proud i am to be acquainted with one (of very few men) who are less likely to break another man’s spirit: The usual byproduct one who’s overwhelmed with regret(s) of having postponed the conviction to take initiative to act on many things you’ve highlighted throughout this blog series.

    All in all, being that you’re still relatively young, don’t expect too many comments-If any-from people in your age group: This kinda info usually doesn’t hit home til “midlife crisis” kicks in lol. In contrast, don’t expect many comments from those who actually appreciate the testimony of your journey just the same. So-long-as God has inspired your words and the delivery thereof, the Holy Spirit will undoubtedly motivate them to get up & make manifest the principles or lessons learned.


  2. Muta

    Thanks so much for the kind words. My hope is that everyone reading this young or old will find something that hits home and something practical whether they leave a comment or not :-). Here’s to hoping for others adding to the conversation though!

    Grace & peace,