Success is For You But It’s Not About You

Success is for you but it’s not about you. This is probably one of the greatest proverbs I’ve heard in my life. It should also be every unrelenting optimists personal mantra.


You can probably name a person who is self-absorbed.

They make comments like, “I’ve worked hard and made it without anyones help. So others should be able to do the same.” Talk of them extending themselves for the benefit of others would be like convincing a Jew to eat pork.

But then, they are people like the 3 young adults God placed in my life as a teenager and in my early 20’s. Men who willingly extended themselves to a broken, snobby, but eager to learn young man as myself. At the time, I don’t think they realized the profound impact they were having on my life.

There are many kids and young adults who would benefit from someone to connect with. Some of these individuals may seem hard headed as I was, but are actually eager to learn and open to be poured into.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider mentoring:

  • You will give hope: You never know the challenges behind the curtain of someones life. Someone could smile in your face but be dying inside. That’s one extreme. But often, when someone outside of your family says they believe in you it gives you an extra edge.
  • You will have exponential reach: You don’t have to mentor the entire basketball team. But you can impact the entire team by pouring into the team captain. What I mean is, you never know how far your mentee’s influence will reach.
  • You will leave a legacy: While this seems like a selfish desire its really not. Through your legacy of influence, many will be motivated to live selfless lives; creating more opportunities for other underdogs to be cheered on.

As you hustle in 2014, don’t forget about the young unrelenting optimists in the making. Take them along for the journey and you both will be better off for it.

Question: How have you personally benefited from being mentored? Share your thoughts in the comments below.