My Personal Top 5 Productivity Apps

Having the right tools is essential to getting things done. In this post, I want to share with you the top 5 productivity apps I use on my iPhone and iPad.


My life depends on a certain level of organization as yours probably does. I go for simple and convenient tools that work for me. Although I am on Apple products, all of these apps are available through the Google Play Store as well.

Here is the list in no specific order:

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Evernote: Evernote is an awesome app for keeping track of all of my notes. The beauty is that the app is free. With Evernote, I have the ability to organize my notes in notebooks and tag them with easily searchable keywords. One thing I really like about the app is the Web Clipper feature for Google Chrome. It enables me to send articles, or screenshots directly from the web to my app for further reading.


Buffer: I’ve tried many different apps to help me schedule social media posts ahead of time. Buffer by far is the best I’ve found. Sometimes I forget to post updates and don’t think about it until 11pm at night. Buffer helps me get organized and set standard times I want the post to appear (so I don’t have to set a time with every new post). That way, I don’t have to be glued to my social media platforms every second of the day.

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Drive: Google Drive has become my best friend. It is one of the best cloud applications! I use Google Drive to store most of the documents I know I will need quick access to. That way, I can have it on my iPhone, computer and iPad. The application creates Microsoft Office Suite compatible files and allows you to download the file to that specific Microsoft file extension. Best of all, I can share these files and work on them simultaneously with a team!

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Dropbox: If you need to share a lot of pictures or other files with others, Dropbox is great. The app is available for mobile and desktop (regular computer) use. I dabble in freelance work so Dropbox allows me to share files with my clients. Also, my partner at 33Seven lives on the other side of the state, so we use Dropbox to store files that we both need access to. This frees us from waiting on an email every time one of us needs to work on a file the other has.

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Calendar: For a person like me who has terrible memory, the calendar app is a life saver. I need to have all of my appointments scheduled or else I will definitely miss them. Honestly this has happened more than I care to admit. The native iPhone and iPad calendar works well for me. It syncs with my Google Calendar really well. Also the calendar sharing feature from Google Calendar works on this app so I am able to see my whole family’s schedules. Yes my 8 and 3 year olds have calendars too!

This is how this unrelenting optimist get things done. Lets step up our productivity and make 2014 the year of the underdog!

Question: What are some of your favorite iPhone/Android apps?