3 Lessons from Mark 5


Before you read this I would encourage you to read Mark 5:1-20. There are three things we need to take away from this text. These three things guide my philosophy of ministry.

Point 1: Mark 5:2, 6

When Jesus came to this country, the man ran to him and fell down at his feet. In John 12:32 Jesus said that when he is lifted up from the earth, he would draw all men people to himself. Then in John 15:5 he says,

“I am the vine you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.”

My question to every leader is, are you so deeply rooted in Jesus that your presence will draw conviction? I mean is your walk one that attracts those who live in sin?

Many times we pride ourselves on being so holy that people don’t want to be around us.

We say things like:

“That person does not want to be around me becasue they can’t stand the conviction. Darkness does not mix with light.”

But let me challenge you with this; everywhere Jesus went he drew crowds. People with all infirmities, physical and spiritual came to him for healing, like this demon possessed man who ran to him. Granted we know that God is the one who does the drawing (John 6:44), so let me ask it like this:

Is your life so deeply rooted in Jesus that when God draws his children, you will be ready to receive them like Jesus was ready to receive this man?

Point 2: Mark 5:14-15

When this man is cleansed he is found sitting at the feet of Jesus. I could picture Jesus giving him the gospel, revealing so many biblical truths and teaching him how to walk in the new life he had been given.

As many times as Jesus taught to open air crowds you find Jesus spending a great deal of time teaching his disciples and spending time in small groups.

We see Jesus at the home of Zacchaeus’, Mary and Martha, and teaching at the last supper.

What I have seen is the desire to have a great platform. We forget that 12 dudes who were rough around the edges—who had time invested in them flipped the world upside down. Do you have a small group you are discipling?

Part 3: Mark 5;18-20

Finally as Jesus is run off by the town folk the man wants to follow Him. Jesus tells him to go home to his friends to show how the Lord had mercy on him. As he went doing this through this 10 city region it says everyone marveled.

The greatest sermon presented is a genuine testimony of God’s grace.

The reality for us pastors, youth leaders, mentors, and teachers is that there comes a time when we will not be cool, relevant, or even wanted! But that is why we are called to make disciples (Matthew 28:19), because disciples make disciples. They will carry out the mission. We are simply called to prepare them and send them out!

Who have you sent out?

I came to Christ by the personal testimony of someone I knew was like me but whom Jesus had touched!

The bottom line is, we need more passionate followers of Christ who value investing in others to prepare and send them out as witnesses of God’s grace.

Do you see anything else in this text that I may have missed? Would love to get some more insight on this great Bible text!